BIRD creates, what your company represents.

BIRD covers the entire range of visual communication – which means communication and design are your one-stop advantage.
Our services combine development of strategies, conceptualization and design solutions, including artwork and production management. In short: consultation, conceptualization and realization!

We focus on developing complete Corporate Identities – all-round designing including development of layout grids, typography solutions and color concepts. Individual layouts too receive our full attention, whether it is for customizing an existing corporate design or for bringing out a totally new design.

BIRD is primarily a specialist in the print-media segment – where substantial and tangible designing is supreme – but it also takes all aspects of designing in communication media into account by involving a large network of copywriters, programmers, motion designers and other cooperating experts.


„Everybody now does everything. The danger is that nobody can do anything really well!“

Stefan Sagmeister

„Design rules can be broken, but never ignored!“

David Jury